Monday, March 4, 2013

Trust Me

Ever here of 'gun trusts'?

Erica Goode has:

"A growing number of shooting enthusiasts are creating legal trusts to acquire machine-guns, silencers or other items whose sale is restricted by federal law - a mechanism that bypasses the need to obtain law enforcement approval or even undergo criminal background checks."

An ATF spokesman confirms "… that under current regulations, background checks are not required for the buying of restricted firearms through trusts."

ATF also notes that applications between 2008 and 2012 have doubled to 39,000.

Furthermore these gun trusts are amazingly easy to procure. One guy in Ms. Goode's report used Quicken and a $10.00 fee to get his gun trust, but the quick Quicken method may not be valid. I have seen some articles on the internet by law firms questioning the validity of Quicken and Legal Zoom regarding strength of these on-line gun trusts forms, but no current literature. Some forums go back- and-forth on the legality of these quick and cheap on-line gun trusts forms. The best advice is to use an NFA Trust.
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