Monday, March 4, 2013

Newtown: Still A Deadly Place To Live

Francis X. Clines reports that Newtown, Connecticut had a warehouse full of toys that they had to get rid of recently. This is just one of many factors that linger in the aftermath of the December mass murders. Another is the continuing fight over local gun control. Newtown or Riverside is the headquarters of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Different sources put the organization's base in different towns. I'm going with National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), who claim a Riverside location, they should know, right? The problem with NSSF is that somewhere in their history, backyard shooting ranges were permitted. As Mr. Clines notes this was before the the members of the local NSSF accessed long-range assault pistols and rifles. Now there are complaints of bullets flying around the neighborhoods of Newtown.

More bad news for the unarmed citizens of Newtown is coming out of Washington concerning opposition to closing loopholes in background checks, and assault weapon ban.

And so it goes….
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