Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Separating The Truly Gifted From The Well Prepared

Jenny Anderson reports on the competition of parents and 4-year olds to win placement at some of New York City's top private kindergarten programs.

Reporter Anderson, has brought to our attention a Mutual Assured Deception (MAD) race going on between test makers, test preparers, test takers, and test evaluators. You can read the article but essentially the test maker Pearson announced that it was changing the exam used to test 4-year olds. Almost immediately test preparers had announced a 'fix' for the test takers. Now the test evaluators are pretty much back where they started from, trying to discern the truly gifted from the well prepared.

Four-year olds are "a mercurial and unpredictable lot by nature" and assessing them is not made any easier by deceptive practices.

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