Friday, March 15, 2013

True Believers

To be fair this photo was taken immediately after the 9-11-01 attack, but it still contains some who truly believe that Dick Cheney was right about everything, including Dick Cheney. This guy is a discredited self-deceiving man. Even the likes of George W. Bush and Don Rumsfeld admit they were mislead by Cheney and his neocons. Yet he keeps getting press and tells the same stories. Now he is going to be on a Showtime documentary called, "The World According To Dick Cheney". Well that's the only world he knows and it has past him by. I don't like him. He and his crowd like to send other peoples kids to war.

Cheney believes that by invading Iraq he stopped Saddam from his "intent" to develop WMD. By that reasoning my tour in Hawaii stopped the Japanese Empire from attacking Pearl Harbor again … which by the way they did not, thanks to my vigilance.

I can't tell you how angry Viet Nam veterans still are about McNamara. Years later he admitted that he knew Viet Nam was a lost cause. He was also a self-deceiving individual working for a self-deceiving President who made up a raison d'√Čtat in the Gulf of Tonkin to send troops and treasure to Viet Nam.

I am done ranting, just having flashbacks to the lies of lying liars.

And That's The Truth

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