Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Disease In Medicine Redux

Yesterday I discussed the Baumol's Disease as it applies to the medical professional. I did not include one of the primary drivers that can enhance or retard an efficient and safe interface between technology and patient care… medical equipment salesmen. Yep, medical equipment salesmen are as important to patient care as is the most proficient medical professionals. Motivated by incentives some salesmen and their supervisors have endangered and severely injured patients, and not indirectly.

Roni Caryn Rabin reports that in pursuit of money, medical equipment salesmen have and I believe criminally injured patients. If you read her article you may also blame the surgeons and I wouldn't dispute that argument. But, the injuries originate with the intent of these salesmen to encourage medical procedures that they know beforehand are lethal in the hands of ill-prepared surgeons. 

As it relates to the Baumol's Disease concept these criminal motivations retard productivity, retard technology advancement in medicine and injure/kill patients.
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