Thursday, March 14, 2013

Too Big To Fail And Too Big To Jail

Just the other day Attorney General Holder, admitted that bringing criminal charges against large banks and corporations was not in the national interest. The poster boy for corporations that are too big to jail is the now eviscerated Arthur Andersen. Innocent employees lost their jobs, investors lost money and of course Enron innocents experienced the same outcome.

Today we learn that Google's Street View project obtained, unbeknown to management, privacy data from everyone, everywhere. 

"Never again, it says, will a midlevel engineer be able to do anything like what one did in Street View: start a program to scoop up data secretly from potentially millions of unencrypted Wi-Fi networks around the world, without his bosses, bothering to know."

I like this image because it looks so innocuous yet it is so evil.

It's time to prosecute individuals instead of corporations … you know, something called accountability. 

What happen to the engineer who stole data? Well he has been identified as Marius Milner. What has happen to Marius, apparently not much. The latest I can find is that Google is being fined and Marius as of 2008 was doing well in Palo Alto.

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