Monday, April 8, 2013

Who's On First: Game of Thrones

I have been watching "Game of Thrones". It's not for people who like a simple tale of good and evil. Probably the most charming character of late and the most evil … even worst than Joffrey is Jamie Lannister aka King Slayer.

I can't keep things straight. Some characters I hated, like Jamie, now I like. I even have empathy for Joffrey.  Not only is  he the progeny of an incestuous relationship between twin siblings, Jamie and Cersel Lannister. Cersel manipulates him like a pawn. He can only rebel against her by being violent and impulsive.

"Game of Thrones" basically revolves around seven kingdoms and there are on again/off again alliances that further confuses. Even within these various kingdoms there are rivalries and not only for leadership of the kingdom but the iron throne which rules all the other kingdoms (Precariously held, at the moment, by the Lannisters.).

Given all the above, the entire production is top drawer, in my opinion. Good writing, acting production design, etc. So, I will stay with it and keep trying to determine, who's on first.

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