Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Style Section

I have never read the Style Section in the New York Times nor any fashion magazine… never, ever. However, I have a friend who claims that everyone knows the Style Section is the best section of the NYT. So today I looked it over and she may be right.

Fashion just has never seemed relevant to my world. Unbeknownst to me I seem to have a seasonal style. In the summer I have been mistaken for a camp counselor and in the winter I have been offered change by strangers who believe I am homeless.

Back to the Style Section and specifically to this article by Eric Wilson. It dawned on me that style is art  with the big exception that big bucks are risked on the taste of the designer (I know… duh?). Mr. Wilson does a great piece on Hedi Slimane and pulls the curtain back on the business end of haute couture. That's the part I like. Fashion is not the ephemeral, trivial occupation I once thought. It is a competitive, bitchy, diva-driven, cut throat business. I now have more interest and respect for those who 'make it' in this business.

Hedi Slimane
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