Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Style Section: Heeeeeeeeee's Back

Today we learn that Christian Lacroix, primarily known for his pouf dresses and jackets during the late eighties and into the nineties is making a kind of comeback. His website posts a cozy men's fashion show from January, 2013. But, Jacob Bernstein reports in the NYT that Mr. Lacroix is working on "a 15-piece couture collection for Schiaparelli to be shown in Paris this summer."

Schiaparelli's website is a Spring, 2012 newsletter, however tells us that the new owner of the Schiaparelli house, Diego Della Valle, did confirm a July, 2013 show by Lacroix. 

Do we have a preview … no, but we have Katharine K. Zarrella's brief interview with Lacroix in which she describes the show as one of a series of interpretations of Schiaparelli's designs.

THE ART AND FASHION OF ELSA SCHAPARELLI (May not link on a mobile device.)
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