Monday, April 29, 2013

Donovan Campbell: Is This What Jesus Sounded Like?

Every once in a while someone comes along that's too good to be true and they usually are. The jury is still out on Donovan Campbell, but having seen people like him rise before … color me skeptical.

He is every mother's dream. Clean cut, brave, charismatic, very smart, charming and good looking. Donovan has a wife and two daughters and as I heard him speaking, I wondered what life was like living with someone wound as tight as he? You can read a bit about him here. But he has several other self-promotion sites on line.

He speaks a lot about virtue and leadership qualities much of which he learned at Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS). Without a shred of evidence, I believe he has a hidden agenda. I think Donovan wants to become a movement leader where he can maximize his following and implement his virtuous beliefs in the real world. Some would call this 'magical thinking'.

What's the potential danger? Everything he says is true to some extent. The quality of virtue does seems to be in decline and pervasive among leaders in churches, schools, politics, business and even us ... the wretched of the earth. The danger of people like Mr. Campbell is that they really, truly believe that they have the 'answer' and there is a hunger out there for someone with the 'answer'.

At this moment in time criticism or even questioning him will not be popular. His message is bullet proof. What worries me is the potential of a movement of true believers based on his core beliefs. Heaven on earth movements do not tolerate us sinners and that my friends seems to be Mr. Campbell's hidden agenda.

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