Tuesday, July 16, 2013

“The bride, 97, is keeping her name.”

Margaux Laskey is one of my favorite NYT writers. She writes wedding announcements in the Sunday paper and had her own wedding announcement in 2010.

A recent example of her excellent writing is entitled, "A Life Graced With Love and Notes". I'm not kidding, I DO like to read Margaux's wedding announcements. She is like a feature writer and much of her writing is poetic. I know it reads like those Christmas letters we used to get from friends … do people still do that? But, why not? Marriage is a celebration and those who can afford it get Margaux to present their love for each other to a world-wide audience. I wish Christina and Simon a happy life. 

By the way here is the announcement from the title of this post, A Lifetime of Happiness, Part 2

Now there is some criticism of this section of the NYT, the most notable probably is an ex-Gawker writer Katie Baker. Katie lets us in on the format and a scoring system she calls NUPTIALS to use when reading these wedding essays. 

Special Situations

So yes they are somewhat pretentious and an easy target for those with a satiric bent, but try and write one about you and your mate. 

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