Monday, July 15, 2013

Mountains and Oceans

In the July/August, 2013 issue of The Atlantic, Shell Oil Company has a very interesting advertisement that I guess they call Scenarios.

Shell's President, Marvin Odum, introduces Scenarios thusly, "So how can we best make choices now that will look smart 20 years in the future? 50 years, 100?"

Again Mr. Odum, ""Mountains"foresees a strong role for government and the introduction of firm and far-reaching policy measures, while "Oceans" describes a more prosperous yet volatile world. Two very real possibilities; two very different sets of outcomes; two thought-provoking futures that need to be considered by decision-makers everywhere."

Okay, "Mountains" brings to my mind barriers and obstacles, while "Oceans" is a wide expanse of smooth sailing, so to speak. Not too subtle Mr. Odum, but I might be prejudging.

Each scenario has the requirement of political co-operation and each scenario has a competitive component. Both to my mind have winners and losers. I don't see a level playing field in either scenario so in the end we are where we are now.

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