Monday, January 21, 2013


In the upcoming debate on gun violence the parties involved will be talking past each other. President Obama and his group will be coming from a direction, they think will reduce gun violence. Their bullet presentation (pun intended) will include procedures limiting Access to Weapons, especially Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines, National Background Checks, Etc. Those opposed will be arguing over several existing amendments to the Constitution, States Rights, Slippery Slope, Definitions of High Capacity Magazines and Assault Weapons, and Confiscation.

Behind the curtain of Confiscation is the main fear of an unarmed populace facing an armed central government. The Articles of Confederation created a weak central government for good reason. We had recently fought for our lives against a tyrannical strong central government. But various factors both economic and defensive, impressed upon us that for the country to survive as united states, a stronger central government was grudgingly necessary, thus the Constitution. Do you really think that James Madison authored the Bill of Rights just for the hell of it? Absolutely not! The various states would not sign off on the Constitution without these Guarantees, because they feared their own government.

It's risky to discuss the need for weapons to protect yourself with a government you want to protect yourself from. So I doubt this will come up.  How do you come clean about what is really behind the curtain? As long as Responsible citizens will not come forth and discuss the need for a well armed citizenry including Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines, then just the crazy, dangerous people (the ones we need to limit access to weapons) will be the spokesmen. As a matter of law it may be against the law to even discuss this topic .

So the real fear will not be broached and in the debate both sides will talk pass each other. One side will be discussing what is in front of the curtain and the other side will be NOT be discussing what is behind the curtain ... stay tuned.
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