Friday, December 28, 2012

Creating Heaven On Earth

So, the single problem with most religions is that the devil is in the details. Two nights ago I was watching a PBS program, Globe Trekker Holy Lands: Jerusalem & The West Bank. One segment focused on the different Jewish sects at the Wailing Wall in the Jewish Quarter of The Old City. These various sects were distinguished by their dress. Many things they have in common but some core beliefs are so different that there have been violet encounters between groups. Nothing new here, Protestant faiths have experienced similar confrontations. The other thing that I noticed was the similarities in ritual between Christian, Jewish and Islam practices within The Old City.

Here is another commonality among most religions, and cultures ... empathy. Christians call it the Golden Rule. It's a very simple and uncomplicated rule and it appears to be universal. There is no devil in the details here, just the will and the courage to practice it in all aspects of our lives. Then we will create heaven on earth.

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