Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This And That, July 15, 2014


Rick Potts, Director of the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program and two of his colleagues postulate that human evolution was not linear. Remember this graphic:

In fact several genus Homo species roamed around at the same time and indeed their remains have been found in common locales. How our guy made it over the other guys was via adaption. That in itself is nothing new as adaption seems to be a ubiquitous feature of all living things. The thing is that adaption, according to Potts et al. was to climate change especially among the genus Homo. This begs the question what will our species look like in the far, far future? 


Quentin Fottrell for Market Watch's, Lunch Break reports that 80% of divorce cases have involved the use of social media and a one-third of these cases contain the word 'FACEBOOK'. Fottrell goes on to say, "As global positioning technology improves, so too are the apps that track our movements, and those of our loved ones."
There are 5 apps that you can use legally to spy on your spouse. If you want to know more about them find out yourself.


Three times Goldman Sacks has picked Brazil to win the World Cup and each time (2006, 2010 and 2014) they haven't. This time Goldman's model had an all-time high probably of 48.5%. 


To avoid tariffs, German car maker Damiler disassembles brand new assembled Mercedes and Freightliners, packs up the parts, and sends them on their way to the United States where they are re-assembled again and then shipped off to dealers for sale. Jack Ewing reports in the New York Times, that this practice is a remmant of a United States revenge move from the 1960's when the German and French governments created trade restrictions on the importation of American chickens.

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