Monday, May 27, 2013

Privacy Statements

"I Agree"

I agree to every privacy statement that pops up on sites I want to view. I have yet to read one and I'll bet the farm that I am not alone here.

Malcolm Burnley, writes in the June, 2013 issue of The Atlantic,  that the average length of privacy statements is 2,514 words and if you read every privacy statement that pops up in a year it 'would take you 10 full days'.

Now comes along a start-up called Disconnect. You can read about it from the previous link but here are some features that Mr. Burnley high lights in his article, "You've Been Warned". Disconnect kind of reads the Privacy Statement for you.

Green indicates that a Web site either does not allow third-party tracking or notifies you if you are being tracked. Orange means you might be unknowingly observed (for example: Amazon vs.Kayak).

Green indicates that a Web site uses your data only in ways you actively consent to or would expect given the service the site provides. Orangemeans your data might be shared or used in ways that should give you pause (Google vs. The New York Times).

The number on the green icon indicates how many months a site will retain your data. The infinity sign on the orange icon means that your data may outlive you (Twitter vs. Facebook).

This graphic taken from Malcolm Burnley's article in The Atlantic (June, 2013)
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