Friday, November 30, 2012


They are people walking this earth who are 24/7 solipsist's [the self is all that can be known to exist.]. We are all at one time or another solipsists, but some more so than others. 

It is my observation that advances in technology has created what Aaron James calls a solipsist paradise. Solipsists can now discussed their lives in public on reality TV (Which is not really reality.), and especially on cell phones. Tim Kreider*, writing in the Opinion section of the NYT describes the problems he encounters on Amtrak's Quiet Car. I have much the same experience riding buses in Houston. Sometimes when I go to my sister's I get to listen to non-stop cell phone conversations for an hour or more. The bus is not a 'quiet car' so there is noting one can do but maybe find another seat. 

However I expect quiet in the public library. I find, to my surprise, that quiet is now passé in the library. I know this because I sent an e-mail complaining about the noise level to the Librarian at the Houston Central Library.  Her reply was that I must adapt to changes in contemporary library management and the 'new type' of patrons. 

Following the Librarian's advice, I no longer spend what use to be enjoyable hours, reading, looking at photo  books (my favorite library pastime) and just browsing. Now, I order on-line, pick up my order and leave the library immediately. 

*Tim Kreider, "The Quiet Ones", Opinion Section, New York Times, November, 17, 2012.
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