Thursday, June 28, 2012

They Can Call It A Tax Or A Green Kangaroo

So the Surpreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act thanks in part to Chief Justice Roberts. It seems very complicated and alot of comprimises were made with vested interests to get it through Congress. The big Kahuna was the individual mandate. The insurance companies needed this mandate to survive taking on people and children with chronic and catastrophic illness (i.e cancers, etc.).

The Court put a wrinkle in their decision calling the "mandate" a tax. Anyway we are not done yet because Congress will be proposing and disposing of amendments to the Affordable Health Care Act and who knows what they will call the costs of purchasing health insurance. They may make it a deductible expense, in whole or part, for individuals and businesses. But, if this scenario happens then costs would pass on to the states and federal government and guess what? Your taxes may be increased to cover the transfer of these costs. So then it is a tax.

There is no getting around it. There is in fact no free lunch.

[BLOGGER'S NOTE: I had to edit this post because I got the penality FOR NOT BUYING insurance confused with the mandate TO BUY  insurance … Sorry.]
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